The PSAV Creative Primer was created to present at SCAD during a recruiting visit.

The presentation is designed to explain PSAV's creative capabilities and the opportunities for innovation in the event production industry. It also highlights my personal journey as a recent graduate. The talk, which was open to all students, was held at the Savannah campus and broadcast to the Atlanta campus.

I used the opportunity to experiment with Keynote's capabilities to create a highly visual presentation. I wanted to stray away from the standard presentation format and explore the ways in which presentation visuals could add impact and value to my message. 


This particular slide illustrates the ways in which corporate companies are surpassing the myth of "corporate vs. creative". It specifically addresses the attitude among students entering the workforce and the opportunities afforded to them as emerging creatives.


This slide demonstrates the power of a "creative eye". I use common examples of obstacles that often define the corporate workplace and explain how they can be surpassed with creative problem solving. The first build discusses how working with outdated brands becomes an opportunity for innovation. The second slide highlights the resources available to corporate creatives and how they can be accessed by demonstrating value in the workplace.


Below are additional examples of client-facing presentation templates: