The Hilton Anatole deck was developed to reflect the property's vibrant culture and artistic contributions.

As home to the largest collection of art and antiques assembled in an American hotel, the Hilton Anatole offers a unique perspective on hospitality. Many of the hotel's artworks are sourced from East Asia. I drew particular inspiration from these works in creating the Anatole deck's saturated palate, and all artwork images are directly sourced from the hotel itself. I chose a highly graphic approach for the presentation with imagery that reinforced the presenters' messages and supported Hilton and PSAV's growing relationship. 

Some content has been replaced to avoid the disclosure of privileged information.

Hilton_Anatole_Deck copy 2.001.jpeg
Hilton_Anatole_Deck copy 2.002.jpeg
Hilton_Anatole_Deck copy 2.005.jpeg
Hilton_Anatole_Deck copy 2.003.jpeg

Below are additional examples of client-facing presentation templates: