Righteous Kitchen is a Chicago-based startup that offers rockin’, ready-to-eat meals for delivery and pickup.

I developed an identity for Righteous Kitchen that highlighted their core rock n’ roll motif and emphasized their playful, vibrant nature. The brand’s primary visual assets pair bold, bright colors with gritty textures and strong typography. The Righteous Kitchen wordmark uses Boucherie Block, a font with enough personality to match RK’s energetic presence. Subdued photography helps to strike a balance and maintain an approachable feel, while still enticing customers to try some of the kitchen’s signature offerings.


The brand debuted with a custom website. Developing the Righteous Kitchen website was my first experience working with an e-commerce platform, which helped me to hone my interface design skills and delve into the psychology of user experience.


Over the summer of 2019, Righteous Kitchen also debuted a pop-up market in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. I collaborated with RK to run a social media campaign to bring awareness to their new venture, and I provided them with signage and print collateral that they used to generate traffic onsite.