I developed a logomark for up-and-coming marketing firm Torii Gate to anchor the company’s brand identity.

The logo capitalizes on Torii Gate’s namesake, the torii. In Japanese culture, torii are traditional gates that are often spiritual in nature and symbolize a transition from ordinary to extraordinary. I drew inspiration from these metaphors of passage and change, using them as a foundation for my client’s visual identity. My primary goal was to harmonize these themes with Torii Gate Marketing’s vision, emphasizing their offerings as a potential for innovative transformation.


My research led me to choose the myōjin style of gate for the logomark. Myōjin gates are characterized by their unique combination of linear and organic shapes, providing the perfect complement to a bold color palette and strong sans-serif typeface.

The final logo also draws inspiration from another traditional element of Japanese culture: hanko. Hanko, a type of stamp used throughout Japanese history, typically denotes a signature or official seal. Logos often serve as the “signature” or “quality seal” for the brands they represent, providing the perfect opportunity to marry these concepts and reinforce the origins of Torii Gate Marketing’s identity.


I collaborated closely with my client throughout the project, providing insight into my creative process and implementing feedback at every opportunity. Below is a deck of revised options I sent based on a discussion of my initial logo concepts: